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Our vision is to help low income children with life-threatening medical conditions or developmental disabilities. We help their immediate families via Utilities Assistance, Homelessness, Food, Prosthetic Devices, Family Trips, Educational Tutorial Expenses and Non Medical Transportation.. These children’s routine medical needs often place financial stress on their families, stress that is only compounded by unexpected emergency room visits, non medical transportation and more. Without these treatments, these children may be in chronic pain, unable to do basic daily tasks, and even bravely face death.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Assisting these children and their families brought the founders of Heavenly Intervention Inc. together in Akron, Ohio, in March of 2016. While we are a young service, we’re extremely proud of the work we have already accomplished. Thanks to assistance from the community and our donors, we have already been able to assist these special children and their families. We inspire to help by improving the quality of life of children with life-threatening medical conditions or developmental disablilities, immediate needs of the family (food, clothing, temporary living space), emergency expenses of the family’s utilities bills, prosthetic devices, wheelchairs, Wish Granting, trips, educational tutorial expenses, arts & entertainment, and Non Medical Transportation expenses to medical facilities and doctor appointments.

Unfortunately, even with the help we have, we still find ourselves constantly turning away individuals or providing only a small amount of financial assistance because we just don’t have the money. Sometimes we face hard choices such as paying a family’s electric bill before their power is shut off or helping transport a child with unique medical needs to a specialist.

It’s heartbreaking to say no. It doesn’t matter what it is, just the idea that we have to tell a child in need that there’s nothing we can do makes us feel defeated, just as it surely makes their parents feel like they have nowhere to turn.

We need your help. With a monetary or in-kind donations to Heavenly Intervention Inc., you can help transform a child’s life. You can provide them with medical care, with reliable transportation, and with an education. With your help, families will have lights and running water, parents will be able to breathe a sigh of relief, and children will be able to rest a little easier.

Any help can give will be highly appreciated by us and the families we help. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at heavenlyinterventioninc@gmail.com. Also, don’t forget that, by donating to a 501 (C)(3), the entire amount or value of your donation is tax-deductible. Help us transform the lives of these brave young children and bring smiles, not tears, to their faces.







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